Wrought Iron

Wrought IronWrought iron ornaments are stylish demonstration of elegance for any respected and well kept garden or home. Nothing says class like ornate and elaborate wrought iron decorations for the yard or the fireplace. Wrought iron can be used to manufacture almost any type of solid metal decoration like stair railings, benches for the garden and porch, door and window ornaments and many more. As most wrought iron objects are exposed to the elements throughout the whole year it makes sense to purchase and install wrought iron that has been powder coated and weather treated, our expert technicians will discuss with you the available options and prices for each treatment or finish.

Most customers would like to have their wrought iron oxide primed and then painted to their liking. There are options where the iron item is powder coated only or galvanized, mind you these finishes can be expensive to produce but combined, they offer extra strength and almost no reactivity of the metal with the outdoor elements. The company can install and fit other larger wrought iron objects like gates as part of fences or entire wrought iron fence panels – though the cost of these is substantial compared to other fencing solutions. We do work on many types of wrought iron gates, both large and small. Our experts can also advise you and provide information on the best choice of wrought iron gate for your home and budget. They can also work directly with the customer in the instance of custom made designs for iron gates or other ornaments. We can also arrange for the replacement of missing railheads from wrought iron fences.

We can also repair and replace staircase railings, terrace railings or swimming pool railings made of wrought iron or treat and prime your existing iron in case it has been exposed for too long. Some homes have light-well grills fitted under windows or front doors, as these are constantly subjected to water exposure and weather they tend to rust and break – we can repair sections of the grill or replace it entirely and all other wrought iron.