GatesGates have always been the finishing touch to any well made and stylish fence and one such fence is the desired finish for any well kept property. What this means is that a bad or rusty old gate is a true let-down to any estate therefore we have specialized in yet another service for our customers’ convenience which is the gate installation and repair service.

The company can perform work on wooden, aluminum or iron gates and 
that incorporate more than one manufacturing material like wood and iron. Some of the other types of gates we can perform work on include field gates, drive gates, garden gates, side gates etc. If we are to replace an entire gate, we will do so with utmost craftsmanship and the replacement gate will be made to the highest quality standards, using materials that have been weather treated and made to last. If the gate to be replaced is of odd or awkward size or style our technicians will come and measure up the situation so that a new gate can be ordered with the same specifications and size.

Our gate experts will discuss the possible alternatives and the materials suitable for your particular situation and budget in order to minimize costs and optimize service duration. They will also discuss the structural solutions applicable to your choice of gate and clarify the way in which the gate will attach to the rest of the fence and the way it will mount to the ground as some versions have foundations laid underground.

A well kept gate, of custom specifications and design will set your property apart from the rest and give you the peace of mind and security that you need for the times when you are at home and for the times that you’re away from home. Gates are not only for decoration purposes but to keep unwanted people and stray animals out of the property, this means that a well made, strong
gate will be of much more benefit to the estate as some people may anticipate so call us without any hesitation.