Garden Ironwork

Garden IronworkThe company also specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of Garden Ironwork. The additional metal components and accessories added to a garden to complete its overall look and heighten its appeal are referred to as garden ironwork. Such garden work is exposed to the elements of all four seasons throughout the year and may need maintenance and repair after a certain period of time has passed and nature has left its mark on the iron.

We can cut out and replace separate panels of the garden work or remove and replace entire objects like arches, gazebos or obelisks. Such large sized pieces of garden ironwork have to be subjected to regular maintenance as they rust away over time and can become dangerous after while, once they have lost their structural integrity. Usually such ironwork will not show tell-tale signs of rust until it’s too late so if you have doubts about your ironwork, be sure to give us a call and request a viewing so that our technicians can determine what needs to be done and how to go about it. Acting timely will actually give you more chance to keep your existing ironwork instead of replacing it. If you prefer to change the look of the garden and lose the old ironwork, then we can take care of it.

The company can install a range of different ironwork with a number of finishes available depending on the level of exposure and the manufacturing material i.e. the type of metal used. We can install and repair specific items of garden ironwork like fire baskets, log baskets, patio center pieces, garden tea tables and chairs and many more.

If you have chosen a new product to be placed or installed in the garden our technicians will assemble it for you as some pieces do require two or three part assembly. Our experts will also let you know how to look after your garden ironwork so that it looks better for longer. Call us now and request a viewing or booking of the job you need done.