FencesThe company provides a complete fence installation, maintenance and repair and complete replacements. We can erect an entirely new fence from the ground up including the holes, foundations, supports posts and beams and of course the actual fence installation itself. Our expert technicians can work with all types of fences and all manufacturing materials including wood, metal and composites. We also perform work and install picket fences in accordance to specific customer requirements as picket fences do vary in style and size.

Our people can also perform excellent maintenance and repair work in existing fences including removal of rust, treatment for rust, welding and attaching metal pieces that have been torn off, leveling of wooden fences, replacement of rotting panels and wooden posts. All our fences can be custom made and custom fitted to your individual needs, our people will visit you for a viewing, take measurements and suggest possible makes, materials and styles for the fence. If you have already an idea make sure to discuss it with our crew so that no details are missed out and the job done is really a reflection of what you’ve had in mind. Our people can also construct extensions to fences already in place, this way you can utilize more space and secure your property further.

If you decide to go for a large sized wooden fence, we can offer you top class timber that has been pressure treated to make it extra strong and durable – such fences are an excellent choice when privacy and security are a priority for the customer. We can also build and repair fences of mixed manufacturing materials like wood or brick and iron fences. As these jobs are more specific, we would like to visit you for a viewing before quoting and commencing the work. In terms of newer composite materials, we can perform work on PVC fences or fence components. For larger estates where functionality and durability is more important we can offer chain link solutions as well. Give us a call now and get your quote.