Fence Panels

Fence PanelsOne of our chief services is the installation and replacement of individual fence panels that have been damaged by the elements or have exceeded their service time and have lost their appeal and functionality. In situations where there is no need to remove the entire remaining fence, the company replaces only the damaged fence panel and fits a new one in its place with minimum hassle and costs.

We can perform maintenance and repair on wooden lap fence panels and close board fence panels. We can also work on palisade fence panels and decorative fence panels. We can install and repair customer specific panels on one-off fences, repair specific parts of custom made fences or fence panels. We also specialize in repair and installation of new trellis fence panels, either the trellis itself or the complete fence panel including the trellis.

Our experts provide expertise and perform services related to more specialized types of fences and their panels like concrete post and panel fences where security of the estate is paramount. In some instances we can also work on even more complex types of fences like bespoke or continental fences and replace damaged or rotten panels with new ones. We have larch fence panels available and can cater to different size needs, for other than regular sized larch panels, the company can arrange for the particular size to be manufactured and then installed. We can also replace garden divider panels on higher fences.

If our customers require feather edge panels, we can install those just as well – all these are made using pressure treated materials for extra strength and durability of the panel itself and the fence structure altogether. Our experts will visit you for a viewing of the job and provide you with hands on expertise and accurate quote reflective of the actual job to be done. If you are unsure of the exact type of fence you have in place or which part or panel of the fence is damaged, don’t worry our fencers will determine all the specifics upon visiting you.